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Estimate Your Entertaining Needs

How Many Drinks to Plan

How Many Drinks per Bottle

Table Wines, Champagnes, Sparkling Wines (5 oz Wine Servings)

How Many Bottles of Wine per Dinner

Table Wines, Champagnes, Sparkling Wines (Average 2 Servings, 4 to 5 oz Each per Person)

Get a Keg for Your Party!

We have both small and full kegs available. Keg prices vary based on the beer you choose.

  • Small Kegs are 1/6 barrel and hold 5.16 gallons or about 60 beers.

  • Large Kegs are a ½ barrel and hold 15.5 gallons of beer (about 150 16-oz beers or 216 12-oz beers). A great variety of beers are available for our kegs.

There is a cash deposit required for the keg, pump and barrel. Deposits will be returned when you return the equipment within 30 days.

Call us at 479-783-2076 for more details.

Have a “Stock Your Bar Shower”

Let us help you host a stock the bar shower. Register at Shamrock Liquor. Ask an associate for details.

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